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Cardigan conversion kit

Posted on Mon 12 May 2003

I happened to notice that cardigans are becoming quite scarce nowardays, whilst on the other hand jumpers are becoming more abundant. This gave me the idea of a system for converting jumpers into cardigans.

The conversion process

This describes how the system should work.

stage 1

Lay out the jumper face up on a flat surface.

stage 2

Peel away the backing of the cardigan conversion strip and stick it down the front of the jumper. Cut along the center of the strip, taking care not to cut the jumper completely in half (only cut throught the front section).

stage 3

The cardigan conversion strip should have another peel away section on each side, revealing a further strip of tape which can be folded over to secure the cut edge, to prevent fraying.

Doing this should also reveal the fastening mechanism, in this case, buttons. The jumper has now been converted into a cardigan.


It may be possible to produce kits offering different fastening mechanisms. These could include:

Problems identified:

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