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New year, new navigation

Posted on Sat 12 Jan 2013

I've changed the site navigation a bit, as the old scheme didn't quite seem right somehow. Links to parent articles now appear in the "Index" section on the left, above the subsections list. I hope this makes sense.

Happy new year!

Sconeserver 0.8.0 stability

Posted on Thu 24 Jun 2010

I've been rather busy recently so I've not been tinkering about with the Sconeserver like I often do. The upshot of this is that its been running continuously for a whole month, in which time its served 17383 HTTP requests over 11958 individual TCP connections. All this with no crashes and no memory leaks!

This is running in multithreaded mode — using 16 threads on a 4-core x86_64 machine.

Gone all AJAX

Posted on Wed 17 Mar 2010

Well not all AJAX, but a bit here and there. I do try and keep up with modern times!

For long articles featured on the home page, the body of the article can be loaded into the page by clicking the little down arrow to the right of the title. I've even added a Facebook-style animated gif, which appears while the article is loading.

Note: I've changed this slightly, removing the arrows on the right in favour of a simpler "Read article..." link.

New server

Posted on Wed 23 Dec 2009 has moved to a new server! (hopefully it should be a bit faster now)


Posted on Wed 28 Oct 2009

I have lately been reading a book on Cascading Style Sheets (hence the new monstrous navigation bar on the left). I do find that it makes life so much simpler if you have a white background.

New site

Posted on Wed 21 Oct 2009

Look at the new site! I have moved from wmg to sconesite.

Firmware progress

Posted on Fri 12 Jun 2009

I've been making quite a bit of progress with the Lettuce core firmware lately, highlights include:

  • Registry - an updatable persistent settings database (stored on EEPROM), which can store data of any type against a key value.
  • Expression evaluator - can evaluate simple logic expressions (using AND, OR, NOT) to determine the state of an output based on input values.
  • Dynamic memory manager - used to allocate blocks of RAM memory from a heap. This means that plugins can allocate the memory they need on the fly, so we are not restricted to just one plugin of each type.
  • SPIMEM manager - used to allocate available memory chips from the SPIMEM plugin.

Site redesign

Posted on Fri 30 Jan 2009

I've been learning to use Inkscape, which has prompted me to redesign the site a bit, toning down the colour scheme!

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