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A collection of frequently asked questions that people have frequently asked me about sconeserver.


Why is it called sconeserver?

No particular reason, other than I like scones, and it seems to be a name that's not being used by any other company or product.

What's wrong with Apache, IIS, etc...?

Nothing (as far as I know) - in fact I don't really know very much about Apache or any other web server for that matter. I wrote sconeserver for my own amusement and education, and not to try and improve on any existing server software. Having said that, I have tried to make sconeserver as efficient as I possibly can whilst maintaining a good overall structure to the code, so I hope it would perform reasonably well in comparison to other similar products.

Why should I use it?

You shouldn't - unless you want to. It's certainly not a good idea to rely on it working perfectly, as there will inevitably be some problems. Having said that, I've used it to run my site for the past 10 years with few issues.


What platforms will it run on?

Sconeserver should run on any POSIX compliant system, i.e. UNIX and UNIX-like systems such as Linux, Open/Free/NetBSD, Darwin and Solaris. I mainly develop on Linux (Ubuntu and Slackware), and test on other systems periodically, so there is a chance that some problems will creep in between tests.

How do I install it?

Read the Installation section. You can install from source, or use the pre-built Debian packages from the PPA if your system supports them.

What do I do if it doesn't compile?

Check the Installation section and make sure that you have all the required dependencies installed. If you still have a problem then raise an issue, including the error you're getting and the type of system you're building it on.

How do I make it run automatically when the machine boots?

When installing via the Debian package, an init script will be added to /etc/init.d to do this. When installing from source, you will need to add this yourself as required by your system.

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