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Sconeserver is a server framework - it doesn't really do anything on its own. In order to do something useful you will need to load some modules.

Standard modules

These are built as part of the sconeserver source tree, and should be available within one of the sconeserver packages:

Module Descripion
sconeserver The SconeServer kernel, or root module.
server Manages incoming connections, mapping them to the approprate modules.
simple Implements simple TCP/IP services such as echo and chargen.
stat A general statistics module for tracking the number of connections and total data transferred.
http Extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant web server.
sconesite An XML-based content management system.
ssl Stream encryption/decrypion using the OpenSSL library (
mysql MySQL database module.
rss RSS/Atom feed client, for including up-to-date syndicated content from another site within your site.
testbuilder An automated system for downloading, building, and running automated test suites on software source distributions. Including a web interface.
ip TCP/IP Version 4, for making connections over the Internet.
ip6 TCP/IP Version 6, the next generation Internet Protocols.
local Local (UNIX domain) sockets, for making connections between processes running on the local machine.
bluetooth A short range radio communications protocol commonly used for connecting mobile devices and accessories.


This is the standard sconescript interface presented by all modules:


Name Type Descripion
name String The module name
version VersionTag The current version
copyright String Copyright information
info String Brief description of the module
description String Combination of name, version, copyright and info properties
loadtime Date Time when the module was loaded
mod_path String Search path for sub-modules
conf_path String Location of the module's configuration files
var_path String Path to write state information such as logging
modules Map Map containing sub-modules


insmod ( module_name : String, opts : String ) [Admin]
Inserts the module "module_name" as a sub-module. opts is a space-separated list of options: "delay" means don't attempt to load the module until it is referenced; "noconfig" means don't read the module's config file.
rmmod ( module_name : String ) [Admin]
Removes sub-module "module_name".
set_log ( file_name : String ) [Admin]
Use the specified file when outputting log messages for this module.
log ( message : String )
Output a log message.
load_config ( file_name : String ) [Admin]
Load configuration from the specified file.
set_mod_path ( path : String ) [Admin]
Set search path for sub-modules.
set_conf_path ( path : String ) [Admin]
Set path for configuration files.
set_var_path ( path : String ) [Admin]
Set path to write state information.
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