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Network UNO

Posted on Sat 11 Oct 1997

32 bit client running on Windows 95

A multiplayer network card game for Windows, which I wrote back in 1997.

Implementation for 16 and 32 bit Windows on a TCP/IP network. Server is 32bit, with 16 and 32 bit client versions available. Code works with MSVC 4.0. Also incorporates a IRC-like chat window so players can send text messages to each other whilst playing. Demonstrates simple use of TCP/IP sockets, looking up hostnames and command parsing. One player (the first player to connect) becomes the dealer and has access to the dealer commands via a dialog.

The number of cards each player stars with and the direction of play can be set. The cards are handled using object orientated methods, the windows code is in a more traditional C style.

Download Windows binaries

Download source code


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