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Acow is a command line accounting application that I wrote as an experiment in the use of SQL (using MySQL in particular).

It is a relatively simple system, but supports multiple accounts and transactions between accounts.

Note that the application is entirely console based, however, it could be combined with a graphical frontend.

[wedge@regulus ~/projects/acow]$ ./acowc ls -a current
Listing transactions for account: current (ID=1)

    ID    DATE     PAYEE                              DEBIT    CREDIT   BALANCE
     2 2009-10-20  bank loan                                    99.99     99.99
     3 2009-10-20  savings                             1.23               98.76
     5 2009-10-20  price busterz                       1.00               97.76
     6 2009-10-20  expensives r us                   100.00               -2.24
     7 2009-10-20  savings                                     200.00    197.76

[wedge@regulus ~/projects/acow]$ ./acowc acc
    ID  NAME                             BALANCE
     1  current                           197.76
     2  savings                          -155.56

[wedge@regulus ~/projects/acow]$

Screenshot of acow in use

The first version of acow was written in perl using the DBI database module to connect to MySQL. I also wrote a C version which uses text files in place of a database to store the account details.

You can download acow v1.0.0 here.

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