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Chocolate covered coconut

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Bounty bars are great, but wouldn’t it be better to have a whole coconut covered in chocolate?

Now that the chocolate-egg eating season is upon us, I was thinking about more a interesting alternative – a chocolate covered coconut. This would be something a bit like a ‘bounty’ bar, but using a whole entire coconut.

I really wanted to use the coconut in its whole form, and not just chop it up into bits. Recalling my past experiences with coconuts, I realised that the biggest problem I faced was to remove the hard shell without damaging or cracking the shell of inner white-stuff.

I decided to just try it and see. So, using a hobby drill with rotary-saw attachment, I carefully made an equatorial cut around the coconut. Not entirely sure what to do next, I inserted a flat-bladed screwdriver into the cut and twisted. The top half of the hard shell began to seperate from the inner, and by working the screwdriver round, I was able to remove the top half completely:

The bottom half of the shell was removed in a similar manner, by cutting from the equator down to the bottom of the shell and using the screwdriver again. At this point, I drilled a small hole in the top and bottom of the coconut, and drained the liquid from the centre:

Using a potato peeler, I was able to remove the thin brown layer to leave an impressive-looking peeled coconut:

I melted 200g of milk chocolate, and proceeded to spread it onto the coconut, which I held in a small cup:

After the top half was covered, I waited for the chocolate to set, turned it over and did the other half. This was also left to set, resulting in a complete chocolate covered coconut:

Fantastic huh?