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Side shed

Last year I built what I call a “side shed” – that is a shed along the side of my house, to store bicycles, gardening equipment and whatnot. I thought I’d describe it here in case anyone else may find this useful.

The gap between the house and the fence was less than a metre, so not enough room to put a regular shed, therefore I decided to build my own. After carefully measuring the space, I used SketchUp to design the structure.

My design uses the following materials (all sizes in mm):

In addition, I used an old fence panel to provide the sheet material for the gates, which was sandwiched between the 150×22 timber frame.


  • Secure side to wall
  • Cut notches in top of posts
  • Dig holes for posts and fix in place with concrete – making sure they are in the right position with respect to the wall
  • Cut gate uprights and secure to wall
  • Cut ends and fix between gate uprights and posts
  • Fix other side in post notches
  • Cut rafters to required size
  • Cut glazing bars and fix to rafters
  • Fix joist hangers and rafters in place
  • Cut corotherm sheet and apply end tapes and end caps
  • Secure corotherm sheet between glazing bars with caps and fixings
  • Install flashband between corotherm and brick
  • Cut and install guttering
  • Construct gates and fix with hinges
  • Install locks and handles
  • Fill with stuff!